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  • Dairy Farming - spreading cow shed wastes back onto pastures through an irrigation nozzle. Effluent is an excellent form of fertiliser.
  • Piggery - shifting the pig effluent and wastes away, either irrigated back onto pasture or into settling ponds.
  • Poultry - shifting chicken effluent from the sheds to screens or direct application to the field.


  • Meat Processing Plants - shifting slaughter board wastes including - blood, offal, trimmings, legging papers, meat trimmings and fat.
  • Chemical Plants - shifting and mixing chemical products. Stainless steel shafts and impellers can be fitted to handle acids.
  • Chicken Processing Plants - shifting feathers, feet, offal and whole reject birds.
  • Dairy Industry - shifting waste products from the factory to ponds or fields.
  • Food Processing Factories - shifting wastes and washing fluids.
  • Fish Industry - shifting fish heads, tails, skins and offal.
  • Quarries and Mines - shifting flood water, gravel and coal.
  • Sewage Treatment Plants - shifting comminute and raw sewage.
  • Sawmills - shifting sawdust away from the plant.
  • Wool Scourers - shifting the wool washings away from the scouring plant.
  • Coal Mines - shifting coal from the mine face to the point of delivery.


Where there is a combination of slurry waste and solids, and water, then a Yardmaster will shift it efficiently and economically without a major clogging problem.

Case Study: CHI01
Benefits of choosing Yardmaster are:

Yardmaster pumps have for over 60 years proven their reliability.

Yardmaster manufacture 99% of their products in New Zealand in their Matamata factory.

Yardmaster products are designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

Yardmaster has a controlled Test facility to ensure our products work.

Yardmaster has a comprehensive range of products that we can combine to meet FDE system design accreditation.

Yardmaster provides local support via our nationwide Certified Dealer Network which in-turn is supported from the product experts at our Matamata factory.