BWN01 At a Glance
BWN01 System Flow Diagram
BWN01 Yardmaster Extender Transfer Pump from the Sump
BWN01 Yardmaster Submersible Stirrer with Inground Stainless Adjustable Lifting Frame from the Sump
BWN01 Solids from the Yardmaster Horizontal Screw Separator
BWN01 Ovierview of the Horizontal Screw Separator (HSS) system including Frame and Concrete Pad.
BWN01 Inflow and bypass system.
BWN01 Platforms are designed to suit customer requirements for H&S and access.
BWN01 Showing dry solids and easy access to screen by open inspection hatch.
BWN01 Stainless steel construction for longevity.
BWN01 Tasman Tank and Over the wall Lifting Frame of the Yardmaster Submersible Stirrer