RMK02 At a Glance - Farm Details and Farmers Brief
RMK02 Key Products and System Review
RMK02 System Flow Diagram
RMK02 The Yardmaster Halo SUPERSMART Monitoring & Control unit manages the whole system, from Floodwash, pond levels, pumps, stirrers and irrigators
RMK02 Example of HALO Dashboard
RMK02 The Stone trap is gravity fed by the Feedpad Tank washdown
RMK02 Flood Wash of Feed Pad
RMK02 The Storage Pond is 2.7 million litres
RMK02 easy service access for the whole system
RMK02 The Yardmaster Shore mounted Stirrer provides powerful agitation
RMK02 x4 outlets for multiple irrigation and Tank Washdown
RMK02 Irrigator in action