Water Wheels

With an ever increasing emphasis on monitoring power usages and out-going
costs, Yardmaster water wheels are a perfect solution in remote areas where accessing more common forms of power is difficult or simply to utilise the environments natural elements for pumping water without the power bills. With over 50 years of water wheel manufacturing experience, Yardmaster combine this expertise with the latest engineering developments and materials to manufacture purpose-built water wheels to perform for all applications.

  • Yardmaster Water wheels are equipped with self aligning grease reservoired bearings that only need greasing once a year.
  • All Yardmaster water wheels are purpose-built to suit specific requirements. Water wheels, gearboxes and pumps are all calculated using a formula for obtaining optimum performance when combining available water-flow and distances required to pump to.
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions

Ideal for...

Water wheels are particularly suited to remote situations because they eliminate the need for power reticulation or constant attention to petrol engines.

Data required to design a water wheel supply system

  • Litres per second available to drive the water wheel. A minimum of 25 litres per second are required.
  • Diameter possible for water wheel. The larger the diameter the more force will be obtained from a given weight of water.
  • Height to the reservoir site.
  • Distance to reservoir.
  • Likely requirements, i.e. number of stock units, shed and housing demand.

To enquire about this product, call us on 07 888 8224 or email us on martin@yardmaster.co.nz.

Water Wheels

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Benefits of choosing Yardmaster®

Yardmaster pumps have for over 60 years proven their reliability.

Yardmaster manufacture/assemble their products in New Zealand in their Matamata factory.

Yardmaster products are designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

Yardmaster has a controlled Test facility to ensure our products work.

Yardmaster has a comprehensive range of products that we can combine to meet FDE system design accreditation.

Yardmaster provides local support via our nationwide Certified Dealer Network which in-turn is supported from the product experts at our Matamata factory.

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