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Submersible Pumps

For Submersible Transfer

Submersible pumps are a cost effective transfer pump ideal for feeding Yardmaster® separators or as a transfer pump for your effluent system.


The V-Series of submersible pumps are ideal for feeding a Yardmaster Separator or used as a transfer pump where a high solids loading is present.  The Alpha series of submersible pumps are ideal for feeding a Yardmaster separator where a moderate solids loading is present along with a lower flow requirement. These pumps are also suitable as an underpass pump.


All main components are manufactured from grey cast iron. Two individual mechanical seals.  One on the motor side in the oil chamber. The other on the impeller side in contact with the liquid. This along with high quality components, ensures trouble free functioning and reliability of the pump.

Motor Features

  • Squirrel cage motor 4 poles (V Series), Squirrel cage motor 2 poles (V and Alpha Series),
  • Thermal protection T1 and T2 embedded in the motor winding (to be wired to the three pole contactor in the control panel)
  • Class F insulation (155°C)
  • IP 68 protection
  • The motor is kept cool by the liquid in which it is submerged

Specifications of Use

  • Max. permissible liquid temperature: 40°C with pump fully submerged
  • Maximum depth of immersion: 20 m
  • Permissible pH value: 6-11
  • Suitable for liquids with density <1,100 kg/m3
  • Allowed voltage: 230/400V±5%
  • Allowed frequency: 50Hz ±2%

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Submersible Pumps
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Benefits of choosing Yardmaster are:

Yardmaster pumps have for over 60 years proven their reliability.

Yardmaster manufacture 99% of their products in New Zealand in their Matamata factory.

Yardmaster products are designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

Yardmaster has a controlled Test facility to ensure our products work.

Yardmaster has a comprehensive range of products that we can combine to meet FDE system design accreditation.

Yardmaster provides local support via our nationwide Certified Dealer Network which in-turn is supported from the product experts at our Matamata factory.