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Inclined Screw Separator

The original Yardmaster® Separator is an entry level separator thats handles most duties and is a seamless addition to your effluent system.

  • The Yardmaster screw separator is designed to separate solids out of liquid
  • Reduces bad odours, settlement in the lines
  • Cleaner systems
  • Can use separated water for wash down
  • No blockages at irrigator
  • More efficient pumping
  • Reuse solids for fertiliser
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions

Ideal for...

Dairy farms, paper mills, food industry, abattoirs, wineries, piggeries and poultry and waste water treatment

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Inclined Screw Separator
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Benefits of choosing Yardmaster are:

Yardmaster pumps have for over 60 years proven their reliability.

Yardmaster manufacture 99% of their products in New Zealand in their Matamata factory.

Yardmaster products are designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

Yardmaster has a controlled Test facility to ensure our products work.

Yardmaster has a comprehensive range of products that we can combine to meet FDE system design accreditation.

Yardmaster provides local support via our nationwide Certified Dealer Network which in-turn is supported from the product experts at our Matamata factory.